[Happy new year!]
© Aldenhoven Testing Center
[Happy new year!]
© Aldenhoven Testing Center

Happy new year!

We are back and open for you! Booking requests are accepted again from now on!


[Foto: Tannenbaum auf Auto]
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Season’s Greetings

For the upcoming holidays we wish you time for the beautiful things and your loved ones!


[Picture: Ballon Car]
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Test equipment

Did you know that useful equipment for your tests is available at the Aldenhoven Testing Center?

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Customer testimonials

We have been active on social media for 1 ½ years. Time to say thank you to you, our followers, and to let our customers have their say today.

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[Recovery Position]
© Bernd Meelkop / Aldenhoven Testing Center


Today, as a team, we refreshed our knowledge and skills in first aid. With us, of course, was Rescue-Annie – the standardized manikin used to learn and train cardiopulmonary resuscitation as part of first aid.

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