Braking test track

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[Photo: Braking test track]
© Aldenhoven Testing Center

The measuring area of the braking test track is 150 m long and has an asphalt and a tile track, each of which is 4 m wide. Both lanes can be irrigated. µ-split tests are thus possible.

[Schema: Braking test track]

[Location: Braking test track}

The realizable water height on the tiles and optionally on the asphalt is < 2 mm.
A 4 m wide run-off zone is provided on both sides. The maximum permissible axle load is 10 t.


Surface Ceramic / asphalt
Length approach [m] 200
Length / width ceramic tiles surface [m] 150 / 4
Length / width asphalt [m] 150 / 4
Longitudinal / lateral inclination braking track [%] 0 / 0,5
Water level tiles
(Asphalt optional) [mm]
< 2
Friction tiles [μ]
approx. 0,1
Friction asphalt [μ]
(flooded / dry)
approx. 0,6 / 0,9
Width safety areas [m] 4
Maximum load per axle [t] 10