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It was a great experience for us. Even in the evening and the next day, the enthusiasm among the participants was still huge. Highly recommended, also for classic car clubs.

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For our flagship project UNICARagil we chose ATC for testing and demonstrating our autonomous vehicle prototypes. Thank you to the amazing ATC team for an incredible experience! It was an absolute pleasure testing at ATC and hosting the event with you. The hospitality we received at ATC was exceptional, and we felt incredibly welcomed throughout. Despite the occasional chaos that arises when bringing together over 30 scientists during testing, your team handled everything with professionalism and more importantly a lot of fun. Looking forward to future collaborations with you!


Test centre in Aldenhoven is our favourite as it has everything we might need to do a comprehensive, quality test drive, either for our comparison tests or for our delegate drive events. More importantly, ATC team is extremely helpful and always goes the extra mile. It is a real pleasure whenever we return. Keep up the good work!

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The excellent location allows ATC and GETEC to form a natural closeness and respond quickly to each other's needs, and ATC's advanced test track allows us to do a variety of tests well, for example, the complete vehicle calibration we recently did at ATC.
Cooperation for Success!

[Foto: Team Trailer Dynamics]

Für uns als Technologie Innovator ist es extrem wichtig unseren elektrifizierten Trailer auf der Teststrecke des Aldenhoven Testing Center ausführlich unter realen Bedingungen testen zu können. Die ganze Organisation rund um das Test Center ist sehr professionell und das Team ist nicht nur freundlich sondern auch kompetent.

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Overwhelmingly serious competent and friendly staff, who when I asked them why they are so friendly said that everything is so much better for everyone that way - thank you very much for two days full of wonder

Amazing place to be. Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Our first time here but definitely not the last. 🙏

You can try the all road conditions here. Very close to Duseldorf, Cologne and Belgium

One of the world's professional automotive test tracks...


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