Vehicle dynamics area

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[Photo: Vehicle dynamics area]
© Susanne Loechel / Aldenhoven Testing Center

The vehicle dynamics area has a diameter of 210 m as a flat circular surface and can be used for motorcycle, car and truck driving tests up to 10 t axle load. The acceleration lane is regularly 400 m and optionally 500 m long. It meets all the requirements for Safety Assist tests according to Euro NCAP.

[Schema: Vehicle dynamics area]

[Location: Vehicle dynamics area]

Separate return tracks connect directly to the driving dynamics surface, which is located within the oval. In addition to fixed markings, temporary markings can also be applied.


Surface Asphalt
Length approach [m] 400
Length approach with optinal extension [m] 500
Minimum / maximum width approach [m] 6 / 40
Diameter vehicle dynamics area [m] 210
Maximum load per axlet [t] 10

Road edge route

The road edge route according to the latest Euro NCAP test protocol "Lane Support Systems" (Version 3.0.2, July 2019) is available upon exclusive booking of the vehicle dynamics area.

Parameters according to Euro NCAP LSS protocol

Surface Asphalt
Length [m] 480
Longitudinal and lateral inclination [%] < 1
Markings variable, as by customer demand

Sensor duct

At the corner of the vehicle dynamics area, a duct allows the installation of different sensors or cameras at surface level. Thus vehicles can be shot from underneath or tire contact patches can be analysed while the vehicle is driving.


Duct depth [mm] 1,200
Ground plate [mm] turnable; R = 460
Sensor fixture [mm] 400 x 400
Thickness of sensor fixture [mm] 80
Potential applications Analysis of tire contact patches
Determination of contact pressure
Thermal image generation
Connections Optical fibre, DC 240V

Sensors are not included