Hill Section

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[Foto: Hill Section]
© Peter Winandy / RWTH Aachen

The hill section offers gradients of 5 %, 12 % and 30 %. The roadway with 12 % gradient can be irrigated so that start-up tests with low friction are possible (µ-low). The permissible axle load is 10 t.

[Schema: Hill Section]

[Location: Hill Section]

The hill section is located at the edge of the test site. Via the access road to FTL&nbso;GmbH Film + Test Location it is located on the left hand side.


Surface Asphalt
Slope [%] 5 12 30
Lateral inclination [%] 2,5 1 1
Length of constant slope [m] 26 85 20
Constant width [m] 6,5 6,6 5
µ-low surface Avertol
Water level [mm] < 2
Diameter turning area [m] 19
Maximum load per axle [t] 10
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