The Aldenhoven Testing Center is open daily to all interested users. You can rent all track elements for exclusive or non-exclusive use. We would also be happy to host your events, for which you can e.  g. rent out the complete center. Just contact us, we are glad to support you.

Before usage, the four following easy steps have to be completed:


Usage conditions

Prior to the first use every driver must take part in a safety introduction. Please allow about 30 minutes for this. Further conditions can be found in our Terms of Use.

Most important rules of conduct

  • Staff directions and signs must be followed
  • No driving on closed tracks
  • Driving on oval only clockwise
  • Maximum speed on the oval 120 km/h – exemptions can be agreed upon at exclusive use
  • Changes between track elements must be announced over the radio
  • Lights on – fasten seat belts
  • No photography or filming

Prices 2021

Please take into account our billing system when planning and carrying out your tests:

  • Each test vehicle receives an on-board unit from us, which records all usage based on GPS.
  • Billing begins as soon as a vehicle is in a track area for more than two minutes.
  • Billing is per half hour / per used track element / per test vehicle according to the current price list.
  • Within a started hour, you can leave and re-enter the booked track element as often as you like without further costs.
  • If several track elements are used in alternation, each track element is recorded and calculated individually according to the billing system.
    eg. you alternate with 1 vehicle for 1/2 hour back and forth between oval and handling course. The billing system, will charge you for the oval for 1/2 hour and the handling course for 1/2 hour.
  • When booking a track element exclusively, it can be used with any number of vehicles.

Passenger cars up to 3.5 t and motorcycles. All prices quoted in euro without value added tax.

Track element*non-exclusiveexclusive
Autobahn (FTL GmbH) on request on request
Braking test track 144.– 288.–
Handling track (short) 84.– 252.–
Handling track (long) 126.– 378.–
Hill section 84.– 148.–
Oval circuit 84.– 505.–**
Rough road 84.– 505.–
Urban environment exclusive  on request on request
Urban area 1  150.–
Urban area 2  150.–
Urban area 3  100.–
Urban area 4  100.–
Parking area 80.–
Vehicle dynamics area 135.– 400.–
Support vehicle 5.– (Passenger cars) 8.– (Trucks)
All-day event This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Roomsper hourper day
Meeting room 1+ 2 + 3
(30 – 36 m2)
40.– 230.–
Meeting room multi-functional area
(30 m2)
40.– 230.–
Mobile office 150.– per day 675.– per week
Workshop 43.– 320.–
Charging an electric vehicle
(per veh. per charging procedure)
Covered parking spot
30.– per day 450.– per month
Gravel parking spot   5.– per night
Single garage 45.– per day 675.– per month
Double garage 65.– per day 975.– per month
4G/5G mobile communications test field according to configuration according to configuration
Wi-Fi (802.11p) according to configuration according to configuration
 per 1/2 dayper day
Galileo automotiveGATE 420.– 840.–

For the use of trucks over 3.5 t we charge a surcharge of 50 % on the above prices.

You can find the full pricelist here.
Additional usage and services on request.

* Cost per vehicle & commenced hour; Billing interval 1/2 hour
** possible use of the oval circuit to access infield track segments by third party vehicles


Binding booking

For a binding booking please fill in our booking form completely and send it back to us. We will check the availability of your requested track elements and confirm your booking by return.



Once you have received a booking confirmation, please check in with our dispatcher at the agreed time. He will give the safety introduction, if necessary, and hand out the equipment that is mandatory while using the tracks. With this, you are good to go.

Opening Hours

Regular opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 h

Extended opening hours:
6 – 8 h and 18 – 22 h
For these times, a binding booking request must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Public Holidays

Our Testing Center is generally closed for regular testing on these days:

Christmas Eve:
Friday, 24.12.2021
1st Christmas Day:
Saturday, 25.12.2021
2nd Christmas Day:
Sunday, 26.12.2021
New Year's Eve:
Friday, 31.12.2021
New Year:
Saturday, 01.01.2022
Carnival Monday:
Monday, 28.02.2022
Good Friday:
Friday, 15.04.2022
Easter Monday:
Monday, 18.04.2022
Labour Day:
Sunday, 01.05.2022
Ascension Day:
Thursday, 26.05.2022
Whit Monday:
Monday, 06.06.2022
Feast of Corpus Christi:
Thursday, 16.06.2022
German Unity Day:
Monday, 03.10.2022
All Saints' Day:
Tuesday, 01.11.2022

Extra service

We offer our customers free coffee, water and Wi-Fi.