440 miles

At the Aldenhoven Testing Center, we recently had a very special guest: Lightyear, a pioneer in solar electric vehicles tested its Lightyear One with us. The long-range solar electric vehicle completed a 53 mph drive cycle on a single battery charge of 60 kWh.

The test ranged from validating the yield of the solar panels, the battery performance, the energy consumption of the cooling system, all the way to the functioning of the in-wheel motors and the software operating the solar car. 

The conducted full drive cycle test is a step for Lightyear to verify and validate assumptions of the vehicle's performance. Beyond the validation of the technical performance of the car, other upcoming tests are related to the homologation process such as an official WLTP drive cycle test. 

The solar car prototype drove over 440 miles (710 km) at our testing center on one battery charge. A very nice impression of the vehicle and our tracks can be seen in the video published yesterday.

Please find the press release here:

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