On Saturday, 2.9.2023 velomobile riders from all over Europe competed in a race series at our Aldenhoven Testing Center. Organized by HPV-Germany, this was the second time that a high-speed race took place at our test site.

The BeND race is part of a prestigious race series that spans Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Fully clad, partially clad and unclad recumbent bicycles competed in hour-long races. These so-called Velomobiles are futuristic, three-wheeled recumbent bicycles made of an aerodynamic, mostly carbon-fabricated monocoque. Velomobiles are both technical masterpieces and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Two races took place, both were held on our approximately 2 km long oval circuit, which has two banked curves. In addition, our asphalt has a low rolling resistance and thus offers a great opportunity to reach personal maximum speed. The winner reached an impressive average speed of 73.4 km/h with an average power of 265 watts. More information about the race series can be found at www.droplimits.de.

We are happy that we are not only welcome as an event location for cars, but also for velomobiles. On to the next level!

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[[Foto: Das Rennen kurz nach dem Start]]
© Jörg Basler / Droplimits.de
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