If you test vehicles, you surely know that weather can have an impact on test data. How convenient that you can access weather data for the last five days and current conditions from our home page. We measure and show

  • the temperatures of air and asphalt,
  • flow,
  • precipitation, and
  • sun radiation on site.

There is also a direct download option for weather data from previous days.

For example, for Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) test scenarios, the conditions are dry asphalt with a coefficient of static friction of 0.9, and proof must be provided that the test meets these specifications. In other cases, our customers require weather data to ensure that fuel consumption, drag and rolling resistance measurements do not involve testing with a tailwind. Brightness can also be relevant, as some nighttime scenarios can only be performed below a certain lux level.

Important: Driving on the test site is only allowed with tires that are suitable for the current weather conditions!

Book with us - no matter what the weather is like.

[Clearing vehicle on vehicle dynamics area]
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