Winning lying down

On 9/3/2022, you might have thought at first glance that our test site had turned into a pool table. What looked like many colorful balls was the exciting recumbent race of DropLimits, a network of recumbent cyclists and record chasers. 39 riders* participated. There was an elimination race or a fastest lap that was done at more than 80 km/h; there was also an hour race.

In the race, one rider even managed 69 km in one hour, with his everyday vehicle and despite bad weather. For comparison, that's 15 km more than the best professional on a wooden track with his best time trial bike.

Apart from the excitement and fun of the race, it showed how advanced these vehicles are: Without exception, all participants use them to commute to work every day - for distances between 20 and 50 km each way. To do this, they need less electricity than a normal e-bike/pedelec. Their muscle power is sufficient to ride at these speeds; a motor would just be unnecessary ballast.

As a test center especially for SMEs and startups, we are always happy when our customers not only test with us, but also book us for their clubs and hobbies. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you.

You can get an impression of the race day in this youtube video.

More videos and photos of the recumbent race at Aldenhoven Testing Center can be found here.

[[Foto: recumbent race]]
© DropLimits / Jörg Basler