Practicing for emergencies

Last week, there was a lot going on at our test track in Aldenhoven: The fire departments of Eschweiler, Stolberg and Alsdorf, together with the team from the Aldenhoven Testing Center, trained operational exercises in the field of technical assistance at various locations on our site. This was done for a so-called B1 training with instructor David Roth.

Thus, the cooperation in a fictitious traffic accident on the test track between the personnel of the Aldenhoven Testing Center and the fire departments was practiced from the moment the accident occurred. The exercise began with placing the emergency call at the control center in Düren. Practice was given in securing the scene, securing and stabilizing vehicles, glass, airbag and battery management, handling the patient as well as the rescue equipment and rescue methods. This also included testing each other's safety, teamwork, and equipment storage.

Here, the rescuers were trained in three scenarios for an emergency on our test site:

  • Traffic accident in urban environment,
  • on a country road
  • and on the autobahn.

The teams mastered these exercises together with flying colors and are now well prepared for the emergency that will hopefully not occur.

[Practicing for emergencies]
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