Research and development in our region

If you've been out and about near the Aldenhoven Testing Center, you may have wondered what's being installed there on state road B56. This video explains it. As part of the so-called MTE Ring Lecture, Laurent Klöker M.Sc. from the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) talks about the project Corridor for New Mobility Aachen - Düsseldorf (ACCorD).

In particular, he will address the test field setup for the development and testing of automated mobility:

  • Intelligent infrastructure for automated and connected vehicles.
  • Establishment of real test fields
  • Highly accurate digital twin of traffic
  • Testing and introduction of automated and connected driving functions.

This is a great example of how good the research and development opportunities are here in the region: From testing on our closed premises, you can move directly to the ACCorD test field with your automated and connected vehicles.

Are you interested in other exciting topics from the field of mobility? Then we'd be happy to recommend the Mobility Lecture Series. The free online format of the Profile Area Mobility and Transport Engineering (MTE) provides exciting insights into the mobility of the future and is aimed not only at students and experts from the broad field of mobility but also at interested parties. The MTE lecture series takes place biweekly online on Tuesday evenings during the summer semester. Afterwards, there is time for questions and discussions.


[Projekttitelbild: ACCorD]